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4 Qualities of Effective Educators in Top PreK-8 Schools

Get International Comprehensive (IC) Certified & Make Your Education Institution Stand Out

Your school’s teachers possess an endless reservoir of knowledge. They are highly qualified and brilliant in their fields of expertise. While subject intensive expertise is important, the method and attitude of communication can make or break a student’s learning journey.

We at International Comprehensive (IC) believe that 21st Century Teaching is a Lifelong Process of Learning. Bringing the IC framework to your educational institution will strengthen your reputation, bring new insights to existing policies and build a better image. Our learning framework coupled with assessment tools are designed to empower your teachers with the freedom to innovate and enhance the existing curriculum. We provide professional learning courses for all your teachers such that they can practice and facilitate lifelong learning.

1: Adaptability to Navigate Challenging Classroom Situations

The best educators are adaptable to the quickly changing environment. They are flexible, willing to try new things, and open-minded. The IC framework cultivates cultures of learning through lifelong competencies. Teachers are challenged to apply these learnings to their unique contexts in order to create the transformation in their classrooms.

Teachers must be able to grasp what their students already know and understand. This can lead to tweaks in existing lesson plans and help fill gaps in knowledge. Our framework prepares teachers to plan powerful learning experiences through universal design approaches and big ideas that resonate with students.

2: Compassionate and Empathetic Communication

Educators must engage in open conversations with students. An attitude of compassion helps teachers gain a better understanding about what is going on in students’ lives. Empathizing with students can even help relate their lessons and subjects to student experiences. Thus, communication competency plays an important role in shaping student engagement.

Teachers must optimize technology to communicate effectively in blended classrooms. In fact, sharing their own processes and personal stories can help them connect better with the class. This means that educators themselves should have good study habits and take time out of their day for personal development or learning outside of school.

3: Inspire Creativity and Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

If teachers take ownership of their work, then students are able to model and take responsibility for themselves. In an increasingly challenging world which promotes conformity, it is essential to allow creativity to bloom in students. To bring out unique perspectives in the classroom, the IC certification trains teachers to embrace creativity and agency.

4: Learning as an Inquiry Process with a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset considers learning to be fluid and aims to develop children’s skills and talents through effort and persistence. The growth mindset makes students more receptive to lessons and feedback. The IC pedagogy is adaptable to introduce a growth mindset through learning as an inquiry process. This is important to foster independent thinking and encourage student-led dialogues in early learning environments.


The IC framework helps your school stand out in the district. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the quality of learning so every child can thrive in all aspects of their lives. We confer the best practices of teaching and offer an official IC certification to your school. The process takes less than a year to achieve through a unique and personalized plan created by our team to fulfill your school’s needs.

For more information on IC’s high standard and quality assurance certification for your school, click here!


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