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​We are excited and fully committed to working together and with our partners to leading the worldwide reshape in Education that all learners need. 

Embark with us upon an educational experience unlike any other!

International Comprehensive is an Education Company based in Vancouver, Canada.

 Our mission is to empower schools and educators to develop a program where learners foster the lifelong competencies they need to thrive in their life.

We are providing schools with a learning framework and tools to design the most inspiring and effective learning experiences. Our accreditation system is a guarantee that schools offer quality education and are committed to applying a competency-driven, student-centred and inquiry-based pedagogy. Our catalogue of professional learning courses constitutes a unique opportunity for educators to develop or deepen their understanding of essential skills and knowledge.

IC also partners with TeacherWit, a free online community where educators from all around the globe can connect, share ideas, exchange resources and improve their practices.

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Become an IC School

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