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Developing personal and social awareness, alongside a solid understanding of relationships and cultural contexts is an essential lifelong competency. Learn what it means to foster this competency at school with concrete examples and strategies. Participants will engage with creative, novel and interesting resources that will provide options for various levels of SEL integration. Participants will reflect on the possibilities for their classroom or context, and share the actionable steps or plan that can move forward toward personalized goals.





Participants will…

  • Understand why personal and social competency is important

  • Consider strategies to foster cultural identity, personal and social awareness

  • Reflect and imagine ways to design a mutually respectful and supportive learning environment in your practice





Although there are no specified due dates along the way, you have a total of 3 months to complete this course. You may expect about 20-25 hours of combined total engagement time throughout this professional learning course. When you complete the course, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your Record of Completion within 1 week of course completion.

Personal and Social Competency

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