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We are thrilled to share with you an exciting professional development opportunity from the Harvard Graduate School of Education: the Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL). With the support of the Harvard Graduate School of Education Zaentz team, we are pleased to offer this program to the International Comprehensive community at a discounted tuition rate.

CEEL is an online and asynchronous program that equips you with essential knowledge, management skills, and tools to build and advance high-quality early education across diverse learning environments. I encourage you to explore this cutting-edge program and consider joining this personalized cohort for an enriching learning experience.


  • Expected start: multiple cohorts
  • Each series contains five modules
  • Each module runs for three weeks



Wise payments are also available in multiple currencies on this page. 

Harvard's Certificate in Early Education Leadership for Maple Bear Educators

부가세 포함:
    • Complete all three series to receive your Harvard Certificate
    • Personalized kick-off meeting
    • The best price: $100 on the regular price.
    • Specific support to the IC cohort by Harvard's facilitators
    • Personalized cohort
    • Access to a private space on for the cohort
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