EMPOWERING learners to thrive in all aspects of their LIFE and contribute to the lives of OTHERS

IC is an educational organization helping public and private schools worldwide improve their practices and develop a meaningful program for children aged 3 - 12.

IC is a student-centred, inquiry-based, and transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding and lifelong competencies.
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Social Competency


Digital Creativity

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Multiple Literacies



Our program offers conditions for schools to create a unique culture of learning focusing on lifelong competencies and conceptual understanding.
The IC program enables students to own their learning and develop the competencies they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Teachers are empowered to design powerful learning experiences and create optimal conditions for students to reach their full potential and explore their interests. They belong to a caring and inspiring global community of like-minded educators.

IC Schools foster a positive, caring and stimulating culture of learning that benefits the entire school community.
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The IC Program


A program that equips students for life

Benefits for Students

  • Be empowered to develop key lifelong competencies that are critical to thrive in life

  • Be able to foster and use personal and social competencies to cooperate and collaborate both locally and globally.

  • Be encouraged to think, act and communicate independently and responsibly

  • Be empowered to drive their own learning and choose their own pathway

  • Inquire and learn about contents that matter to them and connect to their lives

  • Tell a holistic story of who they are and how they have grown over time

  • Know themselves and be able to understand different cultures and opinions

  • Undertake both collective and personal actions to respond to authentic challenges

  • Take part in programs of education that can lead them to find and pursue their aspirations

  • Use Technology in a purposeful, creative and wise way.


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  • Choice and ownership to expand and deepen their professional competencies from any time zone with flexible online courses

  • Access to up-to-date learning resources and practical guides in a variety of formats

  • Access to a network with diverse educators from around the globe

  • Practical tools and templates to plan, collaborate and design powerful learning experiences connected to the real world and student's interests.

  • A Research-based and meaningful learning Framework 


  • A high standard quality assurance recognition

  • A clear, modern and research-informed learning framework

  • An agile Program that embraces the most valuable and transformative practices in Education.

  • The IC program is compatible with local requirements

  • IC support, resources and network

  • A simple, fast and effective accreditation process

  • A large choice of Professional Learning courses

  • ​A program that empowers students, educators and schools to adapt to any future scenario

Based on efficient and up-to-date international teaching and learning practices, the IC inquiry-based and competency-driven program offers flexible pathways and a clear framework to create a unique culture of learning focusing on lifelong growth. It also provides educators with guidance, support, training and unique tools to design powerful learner-centred and personalized experiences where authenticity combines with relevant knowledge, useful skills and key concepts to construct deep and long-lasting understanding.



IC offers flexible, purposeful and efficient Professional Learning courses to empower all preK-12 Educators.


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