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  • PreK-12 Programs | I Comprehensive

    THREE transformative PROGRAMS Inquiry-based, technology-wise and Competency-driven programs where active learning, agency and engagement play a central role. Early Childhood and Elementary Program Secondary Program The Comprehensive Diploma

  • The Comprehensive Diploma | I Comprehensive

    THE OMPREHENSIVE DIPLOMA A Diploma that captures the full picture. International Comprehensive has developed a new diploma that not only provides evidence of academic proficiency, but also truly captures students’ holistic growth, interests and personality traits. Subject scores alone fail to tell the story of a whole person. Currently, most school transcripts only capture academic success and are designed around assessments and tests. What do passing grades and current transcripts tell about a student’s competencies, personal growth, personality, interests, community involvement or out-of-school experiences and achievements? Not much. The Comprehensive Diploma offers a student-driven solution that empowers them to drive their own learning and choose their own pathway to Higher Education and beyond. The combined mastery credits earned by a student create a unique and authentic visualization of each learner’s strengths and interests

  • Accreditation | I Comprehensive

    A Simple, fast and effective process BENEFITS OF IC ACcredited SCHOOLS A high standard quality assurance recognition A clear, modern and research-informed learning framework ​ An agile Program that embraces the most valuable and transformative practices in Education. All three programs are compatible with local requirements IC support, resources and network A simple, fast, personalized and effective accreditation process A large choice of Professional Learning courses and workshops both online and in-person. ​A program that empowers students, educators and schools to adapt to any future scenario ​ ​​ What does it mean to be an IC school? HOw to become an IC ACCREDITED SCHOOL? A time efficient, simple, personalized, and purposeful process to become an IC accredited school in less than a year The three phases of the IC Accreditation process: ​ 1. CONNECTION : Schools show interest and apply for Candidacy ​ 2. ACTIVATION: Schools develop a tailored Accreditation Plan with the support of their IC facilitator and start their learning journey ​ 3, VALIDATION: An IC Team studies the school's portfolio and self-reflection documents before visiting the school and reporting back with a final decision regarding the accreditation. More about the process WHAT ARE THE STANDARDS? IComprehensive has defined 30 standards that Schools must meet in order to become accredited. These standards make the Accreditation process more transparent and purposeful since schools develop their own plan and set up specific goals to meet the standards with the guidance of the IC Team. ​ ​ ​ More about Standards CONTACT US

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