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Participants will explore current, relevant and thought provoking sources that will
challenge the status quo of what learning looks like in the classroom. From universal
design approaches, to project based learning, to big ideas that can resonate in the
classroom and school communities, participants will explore which elements make a
powerful learning experience and how educators can plan and design for rich,
authentic and powerful learning.





Participants will...

  • Understand the different components in designing a powerful learning experience
  • Explore novel approaches to learning in different forms
  • Learn how to plan for powerful and meaningful learning experiences



Although there are no specified due dates along the way, you have a total of 3 months to complete this course. You may expect about 20-25 hours of combined total engagement time throughout this professional learning course. When you complete the course, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your Record of Completion within 1 week of course completion.

Design Powerful Learning Experiences

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