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Developing student agency and creativity through a learner-driven approach has become an essential component of modern education. Learn why it matters and how we can help students take ownership of their own learning. Through exploring current and innovative sources (texts, video, blogs, articles…etc), participants will connect these concepts of agency and creativity with their own contexts and practices.





Participants will…

  • Understand the influence of student agency and creativity on student engagement

  • Explore ways to embed student agency and creativity when designing the learning environment

  • Learn strategies and tools to build student agency





Although there are no specified due dates along the way, you have a total of 3 months to complete this course. You may expect about 20-25 hours of combined total engagement time throughout this professional learning course. When you complete the course, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your Record of Completion within 1 week of course completion.

Embracing Creativity and Agency

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